One the most cost-effective and commonly used surfacing solutions for driveways

Tarmac Paving & Patching

Whether you’re installing a new parking lot, resurfacing old roadways or patching trouble spots, tarmac paving is a durable and cost-effective solution. With proper installation and regular maintenance, your tarmac parking lot can last nearly 20 years.

Yorkshire Paving & Landscapes specialises in tarmac paving and resurfacing for private and business clients. Our pavement experts will analyse your property, engineering and aesthetic needs, and deliver a tailor-made solution that works.

Yorkshire Paving & Landscapes specialises in the following tarmac paving services:

Tarmac Paving

After a thorough examination of your job site by our engineers, we can implement a three-step asphalt installation process:

  1. The desired construction area is excavated and graded, or leveled, to allow for proper drainage.
  2. A base course consisting of either crushed stone or pre-existing asphalt is added.
  3. A hot bituminous asphalt mixture is applied on top, compacted in place and cooled to finish.

Areas We Cover: Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Halifax, Batley, Dewsbury, Keighley, Castleford, Brighouse, Pudsey, Morley, Pontefract, Shipley, Bingley, Holmfirth, Normanton, Ossett, Yeadon, Rothwell, Horsforth, Ilkley, Otley, Wetherby

Tarmac Milling

For many parking lots and paved surfaces, a full-depth asphalt repair might not be necessary. Parking lots with minimal cracking and trouble spots that otherwise have good drainage and a strong base are prime candidates for asphalt milling.

Asphalt milling is an overlay process that breathes new life into your pavement at a fraction of the cost of a full-depth repair. Here’s how it works:

  1. Using one of our two full-size, state-of-the-art milling machines, we will remove 1.5 to 3 inches of the existing asphalt from the top of your surface and haul it away.
  2. The area is then power cleaned to remove all dirt and debris.
  3. Our paving crew then overlays new asphalt on top of the surface. The new course is compacted and allowed to cool.

With asphalt milling, your parking lot will look like new with minimal downtime and without any major excavation.

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Patching and Repairs

If a portion of your asphalt surface is in need of replacement, M&J has the solutions necessary to integrate new pavement into your existing parking lot or roadway. Our patching services are ideal for repairing areas around sewers, busy drive lanes or potholes that have sprung up through winter

In addition to regular patching services, Yorkshire Paving & Landscapes also offers state-of-the-art infrared patching. Our thermal bond pavement patching is a cost-effective process that we can perform all year round. That means no more waiting until warmer weather to repair costly — and potentially dangerous — liabilities.

Athletic Surfaces

We are specialising in the design, installation and repair of athletic surfaces for businesses, homeowners associations, councils and schools.

Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Skate Parks, Playgrounds

We also offer a host of colouring options for your surfaces, as well as the painting of regulation markings.

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“Before” and “After” – Example of tarmac driveway project completed by us.

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