If you are a proud owner of the brand new block paving driveway or you are considering redesigning your present one, you might be keen on discovering how you can approach cleaning and looking after it.

In this post, we will discuss the ideal ways to take care of your block paving at home, regardless of whether this is a driveway, path or patio.


Caring for Block Paving

Block paving is a reliable driveway option that can last quite a while when it is well maintained and looked after. Here we will focus on principle elements you should deliver to guarantee your block paving driveways will look as on the day when your contractors finished their work.



After some time, in any case, the impacts of oil stains, moss or algae can cause your block paving to look messy. At the point when this occurs, you have to realise the ideal approaches to reestablish your driveway and guarantee it will look as new.

Block paving can be effectively cleaned, and new coats of sealant can be applied to the surface to prevent further recolouring of the brickwork. This by itself, can assist your driveway with looking great again.


As time passes, the sand between the blocks may have eroded. Use of pressure washers are one of the fundamental reasons for this, anyway, the standard components will slowly make the sand separate too. At the point when gaps show up in the middle of the lines, it’s not difficult to fix this issue.

Reinstating sand in the middle of the joins doesn’t take much time and is generally straightforward. All you need is some kiln dried sand and a delicate fibre brush to clear the sand between the gaps. It is worth doing some research to find the best block paving driveway products and reliable contractors to suit your needs.


Any weeds that are developing between the gaps should be extracted. You should prise these out utilising your hands or with a sharp-edged tool, yet be mindful so as not to scratch the blocks as this can bring down the general appearance you are attempting to accomplish.


When the weeds have been removed, a fungicidal wash should be to be utilised to help keep the weeds from regrowing. A range of slip-resistant products can likewise be acquired to help shield your surface from the outdoor components. This sort of treatment will also help guarantee your blocks don’t become slippery when they are wet. A driveway sealant is a reasonable option to guarantee your driveway looks fresh again. A better than average sealant will make the blocks a lot simpler to clean in case of oil spills.


On the off chance that your driveway hasn’t had any cleaning or upkeep for quite a while, then it may be in a significant state. To make your life easier, you should consider treating it every two years to make sure it looks amazing and last for much longer.


If you are still can’t decide about the best methods for treating block paving, please take the time to contact Yorkshire Paving & Landscape. We will discuss and help to choose the best options for you.