In the case you are a happy owner of the beautiful and freshly installed new resin driveway. You’ll probably want to keep it looking great for next years? Experts from Yorkshire Paving & Landscapes prepared the following information to help you to preserve and look after your elegant new resin bound or bonded surface and keep it looking the way it should.


Loose Stone Removal

Applies to the bonded system surfaces and must be swept to remove excess stone within seven days of driveway fitting. Sweeping should be performed by hand or mechanical sweeper

A further mechanical sweep should also be performed within 1-3 months to all vehicle and walk area. A visual examination should also be carried out to check that no or minimal aggregate left on the surface at this time. Little or no loose aggregate must remain on the surface as this could result in the bonded aggregate splitting and working out of the resin.

How to remove an oil stains?

Oil stains can be removed from the resin surface by using degreasing product or standard household detergent. Just apply to the affected area, scrub in with a brush and allow to work for 15 minutes then thoroughly rinse with clean water.

How to remove algae's and moss?

To remove algae’s and moss we suggest using a moss removal product alternatively a diluted household bleach, which is excellent to attack moss within the surface. If you are going to use bleach, you must avoid prolonged contact with the aggregate to prevent discolouration of the stone. Make sure to wash the surface with clean water thoroughly afterwards.

How to remove cement stain?

Cement stains you can remove easily with hydrochloride acid. Just make sure to do a test area first to ensure no damage or discolouration will occur to the aggregate. Please remember to take care when using hydrochloric acid and follow health and safety advice.

How to remove snow or ice?

Snow may be cleared using a rubber bladed Squeegee, Scraper or shovelled using a Nylon Bladed Shovel. Salt or grit may also be used if required.

How often should I cleand resin driveway?

Similar to most of driveway materials, a resin bound or bonded drive should be cleaned systematically to keep up its appearance. Regular cleaning will also help to spot any areas of the drive that may need repair work. Cleanup is straightforward. Just sweep the surface with a brush and use water as necessary.

What if I need to repair the drive?

Your resin drive can be repaired using the same combination of resin and aggregate as used during installation. Repairs should be carried out immediately as they as they are required to avoid further damage.

Using the surface

Resin bound and bonded drives are designed to be used by pedestrian traffic or light vehicle traffic. Always remember to protect the surface from high impact loading. For example, scaffolding, skips, pneumatic supports or skip lorries, and avoid dragging heavy loads across the surface.